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Corporate Fitness Classes

Looking to offer your employees group fitness classes in the workplace? Enjoy movement classes taught by qualified instructors for all levels in-person or online.

Corporate Fitness Programs
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Improve physical and mental health with exercise.

Make wellbeing fun with a group fitness class at your workplace. Movement classes are run by highly experienced group fitness instructors who have years of experience with individuals of all ages, sizes and abilities. Classes require no equipment other than a floor mat, leaving employees feeling energised and invigorated.

Fitness Classes Melbourne

Corporate Fitness Programs

Fitness classes can be booked as a one-off or as part of an overall wellbeing program. Choose from 30, 45 and 60 minute fitness classes online or in-person in Melbourne. All classes are adapted to suit individual levels and ability, ensuring all staff members have a great experience.

Choose from any of the following movement classes:

  • Mobility and stretching

  • Bodyweight strength

  • Pilates

  • High intensity interval training

  • Cardio fitness

Offer group fitness classes in the workplace

Did you know The Wellness Workshop are a Health At Every Size organisation? This means we believe in moving for joy and overall wellbeing enhancement, rather than focusing on things like weight loss and size.

Your staff members will feel comfortable, confident and included regardless of their fitness level, ability or age with in-class options tailored for individuals with injuries, health conditions or a disability.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How much are corporate fitness classes?

Our classes start from as little as $119 for a 30 minute online movement class or $169 for a face-to-face class in your workplace including:

  • Custom calendar appointment with synopsis and images

  • Guided meditation experience

  • 1 x qualified instructor

Do you need to pick one class or can you try all of the options?

Your workplace can try as many different class types as they wish.


Choose from mobility and stretching, bodyweight strength, pilates, high intensity interval training and cardio fitness.

Do employees need to be fit to participate?

Our classes are adjusted to suit all levels. In fact, we will demonstrate options for each fitness level during the class to make sure employees feel comfortable. Our instructors are experts at modifying and adjusting exercises to ensure each participant feels challenged within their limits.


What type of room set up is required for fitness classes?

Given instructors are coming to your workplace, it’s important you have a suitable room and/or area to conduct fitness classes. This includes a space with good lighting and ventilation, minimal or no furniture, an even surface floor and ample space to fit all employees participating. As a general rule we recommend 1-2 square metres per person.

Who teaches the fitness class?

Our classes are taught either by our Group Fitness Instructor Amanda Conway, Exercise Physiologist Alex Chiu or Personal Trainer Melani De Sousa. 

All instructors are fully qualified, highly experienced and insured to run group classes at your workplace.

What equipment is required?

The only equipment required to run our corporate fitness classes is a floor mat. We encourage each participant to bring their own mat for hygienic reasons otherwise we can assist your workplace in providing these for staff members by supplying them for you (cost additional)

What if employees have an injury or illness that impairs their ability to exercise?

We always recommend getting approval from a doctor first before participating in any new exercise. We also ask that staff members make instructors aware of any injuries or concerns they have prior to the class starting to ensure movements can be adapted for their needs.

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