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Employee Assistance Program

Are you a small to medium sized business looking for a high quality, cost-effective EAP provider? Access our full team of allied health services today with EAP.

Employee Assistance Program
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Only pay for what you use with The Wellness Workshop's Employee Assistance Program.

Looking for an EAP provider to improve employee wellbeing and provide confidential coaching support? The Wellness Workshop’s Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a pay-per-use support service accessible when you need it across a number of allied health services including psychology, occupational therapy, wellness coaching, dietetics, exercise physiology, personal training and meditation.


Employee Assistance Program services

The Wellness Workshop offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program for your team supporting all facets of health and wellbeing.

Choose between packs of 3, 6 or 12 x 1 hour sessions for each service, or a combination of allied health and coaching sessions.


Psychology & counselling

Online or over-the-phone counselling with our Accredited Practising Psychologist Carla Morelli


Learn evidence-based strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, relationship issues and more. Each session is completely confidential and can also be made available for family members of the employee.


As an Organisational Psychologist Registrar, Carla also provides leadership and managerial training to improve interpersonal, communication and time management skills for team leaders.

Suitable for employees struggling with mental illness, a sick loved one, addiction, trauma and burnout.


Occupational Therapy

Online or over-the-phone support with our registered occupational therapist Breeanna Janson.


OT’s are particularly skilled in assisting individuals adjusting to work and personal life after sustaining a mental or physical injury.


Our OT will focus on improving health and wellbeing outcomes for employees as well as developing self-care activities that enhance vocational and personal performance.


Breanna is endorsed through the Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH) initiative. BAMH endorsed OT’s have demonstrated experience in evidence-based management of mild to moderate mental health conditions and are able to provide focused psychological interventions.

Suitable for employees struggling returning to work after sustaining a physical or mental injury e.g. mental illness


Dietetics & Nutrition

Online or over-the-phone dietetic management with our Accredited Practising Dietitians Branavie Ranjithakumaran or Elena Zhang.


Receive food and nutrition advice unique to your personal circumstances as well as support managing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, food allergies and cancers.


Unlike Nutritionists, Dietitians can provide medical advice (including diagnosing conditions) to clients and use nutrition to treat a range of diseases.


Our dietitian implements a health-at-every-size approach, specialising in intuitive eating which looks at improving behaviours and lifestyle habits rather than focusing solely on outcomes such as weight and BMI.


This approach ensures patients feel safe and respected while reducing weight stigma and preventing further complications such as disordered eating,  chronic dieting and low self-esteem.

Suitable for employees dealing with a chronic illness, diet-related lifestyle issues or newly diagnosed disease that can be managed through better nutrition. Also suitable for employees looking for individual nutrition advice to improve day-to-day energy and health.


Exercise Physiology

Online or over-the-phone exercise physiology sessions with our Accredited Practicing Exercise Physiologist Alex Chiu aimed at assessing, planning and implementing exercise programs to prevent and manage chronic diseases and injuries, as well as improve overall physical function, fitness and posture.


Receive a personalised exercise program as well as support and online coaching.

Suitable for employees who have an acute or sub-acute injury or chronic disease (e.g. cardiovascular disease, mental illness, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal issue) as well as physical impairment or postural issues, lifestyle concerns (e.g. low fitness affecting ability to work) or workplace injury.


Mindfulness and Meditation

Online mindfulness and meditation sessions with our qualified Mindfulness Teachers Paul Majewski and Emma Adnams.


Relieve stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, regulate emotions and learn effective breathing techniques that increase mindfulness and promote a healthier state of mind.


Mindfulness and meditation practice have been continually proven to enhance calmness, clarity and concentration as well as improve working memory and focus.

Suitable for employees looking to manage stress better, regulate emotions, prevent burnout, and improve self-awareness, focus and decision making.


Wellness Coaching

Online or over-the-phone counselling with our Certified Wellness Coach Melani De Sousa.


Develop the tools and skills to facilitate personal and professional change across all areas of wellbeing.


Wellness coaching adopts a holistic, client-centred approach to self-improvement, using motivational techniques and positive psychology to build self-efficacy and implement long-term lifestyle behaviours.

Suitable for employees struggling with motivation, confidence and interpersonal skills (e.g. communication) as well as poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking...etc.

Improve employee wellbeing today.

Purchase a 3, 6 or 12 x session EAP pack.

The Wellness Workshop
Employee Assistance Program Team


The Wellness Workshop can assist your employees with...


Mental and emotional health

  • Managing stress and conflict
  • Regulating emotion
  • Improving relationship skills
  • Increasing motivation and self-efficacy
  • Learning coping mechanisms and self-care strategies

Physical health

  • Improving posture
  • Increase strength
  • Increase fitness and mobility
  • Decrease risk of injury and workplace accidents
  • Improve lifestyle habits such as healthy eating

Vocational health

  • Increasing focus
  • Increasing productivity
  • Assisting with strategies to increase motivation, interpersonal skills and teamwork

Behavioural Change

  • Adopting healthful habits
  • Changing or ceasing harmful habits
  • Identifying barriers to personal and professional progression
Mental health in the workplace

Mental health and wellbeing programs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program or EAP for short, is a confidential support program for employees and in some cases their families, who are experiencing personal or professional difficulties that are impacting their health, wellbeing and/or work performance.


EAP’s may provide support and guidance for a wide variety of concerns including (but not limited to) mental health, relationship, health and wellbeing, financial, vocational, addiction, grief and conflict issues. EAP services are covered by the employer and usually include a minimum of 3 individual sessions.


Is EAP only helpful when employees have a problem the need to resolve?

No, EAP can also greatly benefit individuals who want guidance and support improving their overall quality of life. For example, our Exercise Physiologist can suggest and recommend the best exercises for improved posture, strength and fitness; our Psychologist might provide a manager with communication strategies or conflict resolution tools to enhance cohesion in their team; while our Dietitian might assist an employee struggling with a nutrient deficiency improve their energy level and focus by recommending particular foods.


Can employees choose a practitioner they prefer?

Absolutely. We encourage employees to find the person that they gel with best, and sometimes that might take more than one go. This is why we offer a range of services and a variety of allied health practitioners and coaches.


What are the benefits of an Employee Assistance Program?

Research shows that 95% of employees who have engaged in EAP sessions are satisfied with the experience and are less likely to take absence leave. Productivity is also shown to increase, with an expected return on investment for employers of approximately 5-10 times that of the cost of sessions.


With more than 20% of the Australian adult population suffering a mental health illness at any given time, EAP support services can be a vital resource in detecting, preventing and managing mental health issues, while improving emotional wellbeing, work-life balance and stress management. Workplaces who prioritise employee wellbeing experience less staff turnover, improved job satisfaction and lower incidences of WorkCover claims.


How much does an EAP cost?

Most EAP providers charge employers an annual retainer fee on top of the cost of individual sessions. This cost can be as much as $10,000+ per year (retainer/management fee) on top of $300 per hour for each session. 

The Wellness Workshop’s EAP service has no ongoing retainer, management or administration fees. You pay a small one-off fee to partner with our program, then will only be charged for what your employees use. Sessions range from $179-216 per 1 hour session.


How many EAP sessions do employees need?

Just like each individual is unique, so are their needs when it comes to EAP services. Most employees will benefit from at least 3 x sessions with a practitioner, with more complex issues such as mental illness or a personal tragedy (e.g. death of loved one) requiring more frequent sessions.

Demonstrate a commitment to employee wellbeing today.