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Having suffered mental illness and Binge Eating Disorder/Bulimia from a young age, Melani left her corporate career in 2014 to help others struggling with similar issues who are fed up with the lack of support for recovery available in today’s society. As a qualified Wellness & Intuitive Eating Coach, she works with a range of clients from all walks of life to overcome chronic dieting, body-image issues, food addictions and disordered eating. In addition to this, she will empower and equip you with the skills and strategies required to navigate personal and professional barriers to long-term success and happiness.

Founder, Wellness & Intuitive Eating Coach, Personal Trainer


Julia is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who is passionate about all things food, nutrition, education and health. Her warm energy and understanding nature mean clients from a range of varying backgrounds and ages feel comfortable and reassured in their consultations. Julia is an advocate of the HAES, Non-Diet Approach and Intuitive Eating, whilst also ensuring she takes the time and effort to create a plan that is customised to your individual needs, lifestyle factors and preferences. Contact Julia to help you with any dietary, disease management or/and nutritional concerns today - no matter how small or big.

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Julia bazan

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Bran is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN). She fell into nutrition through an appreciation for science, however quickly became invested in helping clients foster a healthy relationship with food. Bran is an advocate of the non-diet approach and Health At Every Size, and has undergone intuitive eating training through the London Centre for Intuitive Eating. She firmly believes that weight is not an indicator of health, and that food is so much more than nutrients. Coming from a Sri Lankan background, she also has a large passion for incorporating cultural values and heritage into her practice. Bran also works as a researcher in the Health Services Research Group at the Royal Children’s Hospital and co-hosts the podcast The Pantry Party.

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Branavie Ranj.

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Laura has always been passionate about nutrition and is a strong believer in communicating evidence based, simple health messages that promote wellbeing and balance. She is currently studying to be an Accredited Practising Dietitian, with a curiosity for the HAES and non-diet approach that helps build awareness of mental health and develop a safer, more supportive social media space for women. Laura is responsible for the content creation and implementation of The Wellness Workshop’s social media strategy, delivering uplifting, engaging and relatable posts that support our messages of self-care, self-compassion, individuality and balance in the wellbeing journey.

Social Media Coordinator

Laura Baker

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Jorden's positive attitude towards exercise started from a young age with a love for competitive sports. Initially looking to pursue a career in coaching for elite athletes, he quickly recognised the huge benefit exercise can have in improving quality of life and wellbeing for patients undergoing rehabilitation. Jorden applies evidence-based exercise programs to assist clients in the management of their injuries and/or chronic medical conditions. He is an ESSA (Exercise Sport Science Australia) Accredited Exercise Physiologist and believes that exercise is a medicine that can be applied and adapted to all. 

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


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Belinda is a fully qualified Meditation Teacher and therapist who has been helping clients restore their health and vitality for close to a decade. She is compassionate, caring and highly adaptive to the learning styles of participants in her classes.

Belinda's Meditation Classes will not only help enhance your mood, energy levels and ability to deal with stress, but also have a profound effect on your sleep quality. 

To book a class with Belinda, simply click on our Workshops & Events tab and select Meditation Workshops.

Meditation Teacher


Belinda mcintosh

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Julie’s passion for hypnotherapy originated as a Fitness Director and International Recruiter after seeking more effective methods to motivate her team and drive change amongst clients. She identified a huge gap in the minds of clients who she could see harboured a wealth of knowledge, but had a lack of will or inability to act on that knowledge. She now uses her qualifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a Neuro-linguistic Programming Coach to support and propel clients through periods of change by eliminating destructive habits and behavioural patterns. She also has a remarkable track record in assisting clients to overcome phobias and addictions including flying, smoking…etc.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Julie Bristow

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