Mindfulness workshops

Meditation classes and mindfulness practices have skyrocketed in popularity over the past two decades. Meditation is highly effective in reducing stress, cultivating mindfulness, managing anxiety and aiding emotional regulation. One of the simplest ways to start incorporating meditation and mindfulness into your life is through a mindfulness workshop or meditation classes facilitated by a qualified instructors. The Wellness Workshop’s mindfulness workshops are run by qualified teachers, and are suitable for all ages, abilities and levels. You can book a group meditation class or workplace mindfulness class where we can come directly to your workplace or school.

workplace mindfulness

The Wellness Workshop delivers workplace mindfulness and meditation classes online and face-to-face. Classes are run by our qualified meditation teachers who have over ten years industry experience instructing thousands of individuals from beginner to advanced levels. Class availability changes throughout the year therefore we recommend booking at least 4 weeks in advance. To find out more about meditation classes, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page or email info@thewellnessworkshop.com.au

school mindfulness classes

The Wellness Workshop can run meditation and mindfulness workshops at your local school or community centre (sporting clubs). Our classes are suitable for all year levels and ages in Secondary schools and can be tailored to your cohort's specific needs. Our meditation classes can be booked as a one-off, or part of a larger wellness program created by our team. Meditation class duration varies from 30 - 90 minutes and can incorporate the use of instruments, music and mantras to promote a state of deep relaxation and mental awareness.

what is meditation & why should i do it?

Originating in Asia through Ayurvedic practice in India and traditional therapies in China, meditation has been recognised as one of the fastest growing wellness trends of the past decade. Loosely defined, meditation is about focusing awareness and relaxing the mind to promote an improved sense of presence, calmness and attentiveness. Awareness can be achieved through techniques such as focusing on the breath or listening to a particular sound or instrument repeatedly. Naturally, the mind will want to wonder and attend to other fleeting thoughts, but with time and practice the mind catches on and gets better at not responding to other stimuli. Meditation has many forms including movement meditation, transcendental meditation and mantra meditation. Mindful meditation is perhaps the most popular, promising benefits such as reduced stress, enhanced cognitive functioning and increased gratitude. Below we give you a snapshot of the benefits attained from regular meditation practise.

what are the benefits of mindfulness classes?


  • Improved immune functioning

  • Reduced cellular inflammation

  • Hormone regulation

  • Enhanced fertility in women

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Regulates blood pressure, heart beat and metabolism

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Reduces fatigue


  • Reduces the symptoms of depression such as loneliness and general low mood

  • Regulates anxiety and mood disorders

  • Reduces stress & burnout

  • Builds resilience

  • Improves mental focus

  • Reduces memory loss


  • Improves ability to deal with stress

  • Meditation in groups assists with healthy habit formation

  • Meditation in groups improves social life and connection with others

  • Increases gratitude

  • Improves self-acceptance

what can i expect in a mindfulness workshop?

The Wellness Workshop's meditation classes and mindfulness workshops suit all ages, levels and personality types. Our classes are judgement-free, welcoming spaces where you are made to feel calm, included and appreciated. Depending on the size and structure of your workplace or school, you can expect to be seated comfortably on a chair or a mat on the floor. From here, our instructors will soothingly guide you through the session with voice prompts. Many of our first-time participants have indicated their surprise at how quickly they felt the class went in comparison when they tried to meditate on their own and were unsuccessful. You may also learn breathing techniques and complete body scan activities, where our meditation teacher makes you aware of the different sensations and feelings around your body by focusing your attention on it.

did you know...

the wellness workshop's meditation classes are suitable for all levels
Why choose The Wellness Workshop’s Mindfulness CLASSES?

Our Practitioners work with you to design and deliver a mindfulness workshop that is tailored to your organisation and their specific needs. All our classes can be booked and paid for on an ad-hoc basis, though we suggest booking at least four weeks in advance. For all corporate, community and school bookings, we offer competitive rates and flexible timing that fits in with your needs.

how much are mindfulness classes?

Private meditation and mindfulness classes for large groups, schools or workplaces can be purchased as a one off event, series of classes or part of an overall wellbeing strategy that makes up your Wellness Program. We offer both virtual and face-to-face classes from $109 ex GST for 30 minutes. Wellness Programs can include a number of initiatives including nutrition workshops, stress management workshops, employee wellness coaching,  self-care seminars and more - click here to send us an enquiry or booking request and we can send you a price card.