WELLNESS Workshops & Classes

Our Workshops and Classes are available for groups of 6+ participants both online and face-to-face across Australia. Businesses, schools and community organisations like sporting clubs can choose between custom or standard workshops, both of which provide the opportunity to learn innovative and evidence-based approaches to improving overall wellbeing. Each workshop is designed by Allied Health Practitioners and Qualified Coaches. Topics range from Self-care, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Movement Basics, Work-life Balance, and many many more.

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A snapshot of our workshops:

  • Self-care – developed by our Wellness Coach

  • Work Life Balance – developed by our Wellness Coach and Psychologist

  • Stress Management - developed by our Wellness Coach and Psychologist

  • Mental Health in the workplace - developed by our Wellness Coach and Organisational Psychologist

  • Team Building - developed by our Wellness Coach and Organisational Psychologist

  • Nutrition For Life - developed by our Accredited Practising Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Coach

  • Movement For Life - developed by our Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer

  • Mental Health and wellbeing - developed by our Wellness Coach and Organisational Psychologist

  • Meditation & Breath work - developed by our Wellness Coach and Breath Work Teacher

  • Mindfulness developed by our Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher

  • Body Image & Self-esteem - developed by our Wellness Coach and Psychologist

  • Communication Skills - developed by our Wellness Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Instructor

  • Self-Awareness - developed by our Wellness Coach and Psychologist

  • The Power of Habits - developed by our Wellness Coach

  • Sleep Hygiene - developed by our Wellness Coach

  • Improving your overall wellbeing

  • Custom workshops - talk to us and we'll design a workshop made especially for your organisation's goals


wellness programs & corporate wellbeing programs

Looking for someone to take the hassle out of your corporate, community or school wellness program? The Wellness Workshop creates and runs highly engaging personal development and wellbeing programs for a number of workplaces, community organisations and schools across Melbourne. Enquire now to find out how we can help you and your organisation improve productivity, retention and satisfaction, while decreasing absenteeism.

The last ten years has seen a surge in the popularity of work-based health and wellbeing programs in Australia, with employers becoming increasingly aware of the costly burden (absenteeism, impaired cognitive functioning, higher accident rates) associated with high levels of stress and poor health in the workplace. The Wellness Workshop’s effective wellness programs consider all facets of health including physical, mental and emotional health, providing your team with easy to adopt behaviours they can start implementing from day 1.

Created by our Accredited and Allied Health Practitioners, we work closely with your organisation to understand which areas of wellness are most important to you/your organisation based on the following factors:

  • Environment (office building, school, hospitality…etc)

  • Team Dynamic (number of employees/participants, hierarchical or decentralised)

  • Industry (professional, construction, services based…etc)

  • Challenges (time management, communication, teamwork)

Programs can either be delivered via a series of live workshops or handed over to a Wellbeing Coordinator or HR representative to roll out as they see fit. We can also work closely with you to monitor and measure the efficacy of your wellness program, as well as provide progress reports to demonstrate areas in need of improvement or attention.

A snapshot of what our Wellness Programs include:

  • Nutrition Basics for overall wellbeing, energy, and productivity

  • Movement Basics for better health and better posture in the workplace

  • The psychology of winning: how to mentally prepare for high performance

  • Mindfulness Workshop

  • Stress Management & Coping Techniques

  • Self-care Workshop: looking after you

  • Body-Image, Self-esteem and Disordered eating

  • Communication techniques

  • Empowering teams: how to get the most out of your staff

If you’re interested in one of our Wellness Workshops, click the enquire now button and we’ll get back to you.



Do you ‘know’ better, but don’t ‘do’ better? Let our expert Wellness Coach help you bridge the gap between saying what you want to do, and actually doing it.

1 hour consultation: $135

Wellness Coaching combines concepts born out of Positive Psychology and Behavioural Change Theories to empower you to identify what you want, why you want it and exactly how to go about achieving it.


Through the support and guidance of our Accredited Wellness Coach, we help you overcome internal resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approach that focuses on taking action, rather than just prescribing action.

We guide you in making better everyday choices that fit your unique lifestyle to:

  • Repair your relationship with food & your body

  • Manage stress effectively & develop healthy coping mechanisms

  • Improve work-life balance and enhance your career

  • Reduce anxiety and improve mental health, resilience and happiness

  • Navigate difficult/challenging personal or professional relationships

Wellness coaching clients walk away feeling more empowered, more accountable and more confident to optimise opportunities that align with their self- determined goals, values and beliefs, as well as overcome mental barriers that previously may have stood in the way of their success.



Free yourself from dieting and emotional eating with the Intuitive Eating Program – the globally proven, non-diet approach that will give you back your life...and your sanity! ​


*Medicare rebates may apply for eligible patients

Feel like you’ve tried every diet & ‘lifestyle program’ out there but still feel overwhelmed by guilt, stress and lack of control?


Derived from 10 core principles, the Intuitive Eating Program will revolutionise the way you think, feel and act around food. Using a scientifically proven step-by-step program, we will help you reconnect with your system’s natural ability to regulate eating, while nurturing and healing your relationship with food, and your body.


You will no longer need to rely on strict meal plans, calorie counting or obsessive rules to dictate choices, allowing you to finally free yourself from yo-yo dieting and the restriction/binge-eating cycle.


The program is proven to improve self-esteem and body image, stabilise weight, enhance satisfaction and wellbeing, and teach you proactive coping skills you’ll with you carry for life.



Confused by all the conflicting information out there about what to eat, how to eat, when to eat...particularly if you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness/disease? Sitting down with our Accredited Practicing Dietitian can help you sort out the fact from the fiction!

Initial consultation: $115

Review consultation: $70

*Medicare rebates may apply for eligible patients

It appears that everyone has an opinion when it comes to diet and nutrition these days, so make sure you get the right advice specific to your lifestyle and needs by booking an appointment with one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians.


Unlike Nutritionists, our Dietitians are university qualified and have spent a considerable amount of time in hospitals and private practice, while being involved in the research, development and preparation of food. *Did you know Nutritionists don't actually require any formal training in Australia, and are not allowed to give medical advice?


Our Dietitians can help you with the following:


  • Health At Every Size (HAES) & Non-Diet Approach

  • Meeting individual requirements for vitamins, minerals & nutrients​

  • Optimising sports performance​

  • Eating Disorders and eating related issues

  • Managing food allergies or intolerances​

  • Controlling diabetes​

  • Lowering blood pressure or cholesterol​

  • Controlling/managing chronic disease/illness​

  • Reading food labels and selecting the right choice for you​

  • Food and nutrient education

  • Evidence based programs (no fads or celebrity endorsed programs here!)


*Ask us if you’re eligible for Medicare and/or private health rebates



Do you feel a little intimidated and unsure about mindfulness but really want to reap the benefits of a clearer mind, reduced stress and improved sleep? Book a group mindfulness class for your workplace, school or organisation and reap the rewards of this century old practice. Enquire now.

*Free recordings provided for virtual classes

Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration. People also use the practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings, such as a positive mood and outlook, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns and even increased pain tolerance.

Meditation is also a fantastic tool for those looking to manage and reduce stress without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. It can help regulate moods, improve heart health and even boost the body’s immune system. It’s also easy to implement at any point of the day and in any location, and can be particularly useful for persons of any age (including children) who struggle with overwhelming thoughts or anxiety during exams, social situations and/or sport or musical performance.