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Face-to-face and virtual wellbeing workshops that motivate, educate and inspire your school faculty team. Click here to see the schools we've worked with.

Teacher mental health
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Evidence-based teacher wellbeing programs for classroom and support staff

Evidence-based teacher wellbeing programs designed by Allied Health practitioners including our psychologist, occupational therapist, wellness coach, dietitian and exercise physiologist to improve mental, physical and behavioural outcomes, while tackling issues such as work-life balance, self-care, stress management, communication, performance and culture.

What is a teacher wellbeing program?

Teacher wellbeing programs aim to improve personal development, mental health, job satisfaction, communication skills, and work-life balance for classroom and support staff.


Wellbeing workshops may include strategies to improve individual wellbeing, vocational performance and workplace relations as well as the development of personal and social capabilities such as team work, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills. 

Why is wellbeing for teachers important?

Wellbeing for teaching and support staff is pivotal to ensuring employees feel supported, connected and valued in the school community. A content and motivated teacher has the ability to positively transform a student’s life and create a learning environment that actively encourages growth, opportunity and achievement. 


Supporting and enhancing teacher wellbeing means that schools are less likely to lose great educational leaders through poor work-life balance, stress and low job satisfaction. 

Our teacher wellbeing programs and wellbeing workshops for schools

How The Wellness Workshop can improve wellbeing in schools

The Wellness Workshop’s wellbeing workshops for teachers and support staff are engaging, interesting and action based. We bridge the gap between “knowing better” and “doing better” by facilitating change rather than just prescribing it.


We empower teachers and support staff to implement behaviours through a step by step process, learning fundamental skills adopted from behavioural change psychology. Our workshops are relatable and relevant, largely an outcome of our lived experience practitioners who continue to adopt many of the practices we teach. 

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Wellbeing in Schools
Wellbeing Workshops for Schools

We also create custom wellbeing workshops for when you want to choose exactly what you want.


Why choose our wellbeing workshops?


Engaging workshops that motivate your team

Don't settle for boring, monotone presentations that fail to inspire. Choose us and discover why schools book us again and again.

Allied Health & Lived Experience Facilitators

Learn from the experts who create our programs. We don't hire casual facilitators - all our programs are delivered by our team of psychologists, occupational therapists, wellness coaches and industry leading experts.

End-to-end workshop management

Book and leave the rest to us. We'll create your custom calendar appointment, PDF poster to drive participation, workshop and summary materials, and a confidential email address to answer questions from your team.
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