Wellbeing workshops

Looking to improve employee wellbeing, workplace wellbeing or student wellbeing through face-to-face or virtual wellbeing workshops? The Wellness Workshop creates, facilitates and implements highly engaging in person and online wellness workshops for small to large workplaces, community organisations and schools across Australia and New Zealand. Our workshops are thoroughly researched and designed by our in-house Allied Health Practitioners and Coaches, with over 20 health related topics to choose from including nutrition workshops, stress management workshops, self-care, movement workshops, mental health workshops and many more (see below for workshop topics).

what are some wellbeing workshop topics?

The below includes some of the standard workshop topics The Wellness Workshop offers both online and face-to-face. We have over 20 standard workshop topics that cover a range of areas. Workshops can be booked in a series or as a stand alone session. You can also choose to create a custom workshop where we design the content specifically for you and your organisation.


developed by our Wellness Coach

Develop and implement a regular self-care practice that improves all areas of wellbeing including sleep, movement, relationships and food.Through our guided activities, participants will leave ready with a self-care plan that’s tailored to their personality, lifestyle and objectives. 

team building

developed by our Wellness Coach & Psychologist

Enjoy a series of team building exercises and activities designed to increase trust, rapport and harmony amongst teams of all sizes. This workshop will help foster better connections, improve communication and enhance self-awareness in your organisation.

meditation and breath work

developed by our Wellness Coach and Breath Work Teacher

Immerse yourself in our instructor guided meditation workshops aimed at reducing anxiety, improving mental clarity and enhancing focus. These workshops are suitable for all levels and abilities and can be facilitated in person or online.


developed by our Wellness Coach

Ever heard the age old saying “perception is reality”? Ideal for organisations who feel “stuck in a rut” or have a toxic workplace culture, this workshop demonstrates how the lens in which you see the world is subconsciously creating negative or positive outcomes, impacting relationships and even moulding the relationship you have with yourself. You’ll build a greater sense of self-awareness and understand how your actions or inaction might be contributing to poor performance, dissatisfaction and negativity.


developed by our Wellness Coach & Psychologist

Learn simple, yet effective organisational skills, together with tips on how to manage expectations to improve your work-life balance. Discover how to organise and prioritise workload while reducing procrastination and mental fatigue.

nutrition for life

developed by our Accredited Practising Dietitian & Intuitive Eating Coach

Simplify eating for improved energy, focus and overall happiness. Understand why mainstream diets don’t work and the factors influencing eating habits that can lead to the development of long-term health issues and poor body image.


developed by our Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher

Learn the simple steps and strategies to improve everyday mindfulness, enhance concentration and increase happiness. Identify the differences between meditation and mindfulness, as well as eight unique practices that help cultivate mindfulness beyond traditional meditation – perfect for beginners or those who struggle to meditate.

the power of habits

developed by our Wellness Coach

In this workshop you’ll learn the science behind habits and how to adopt beneficial habits while breaking down harmful ones. With almost half our everyday actions driven by habits, these psychological skills are believed to be far more impactful on our lifestyle than factors like motivation or intellect and in some cases can add years to your life.

stress management

developed by our Wellness Coach & Psychologist

Develop effective coping mechanisms, while understanding the impacts and causes of common stress. Learn real life strategies and handy tips that can help you manage short and long term stress at home and at work.

movement for life

developed by our Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer

Discover how to create a personalised movement program that works for you. You’ll learn what types of movement are most beneficial for your lifestyle and ability, common exercise myths to avoid, and how to maintain longevity in your exercise program through incremental progression and habit formation.

body image and self-esteem

developed by our Wellness Coach and Psychologist

Adapted for teenagers and adults, this workshop follows the personal account of our Founder, Melani through her body image struggles and mental illness. You’ll identify triggers and symptoms of poor body image, understand how low self-esteem develops and the mood boosting activities that promote a better relationship with one-self.

sleep hygiene

developed by our Wellness Coach

A healthy night time routine can greatly reduce the risk of serious medical issues including coronary heart disease, diabetes and a shortened life expectancy...not to mention mental health issues. Learn the fundamentals of good sleep hygiene and prioritise rest today for enhanced productivity, better mood and improved physical outcomes.

mental health in the workplace

developed by our Wellness Coach & Psychologist

Understand the key differences between mental health, mental health issues and mental health illness as well as tools to identify if a colleague is suffering from mental health related stress. Learn effective communication techniques to assist a colleague with a mental illness and common mistakes to avoid, particularly for managers.

mental health and wellbeing

developed by our Wellness Coach and Psychologist

Identify and explore common mental health issues and the psychological, physical and behavioural symptoms associated with mental illness. Learn effective methods of communicating and assisting someone with mental health issues, as well as simple tools you can use to protect, enhance and improve your own mental health.

communication skills

developed by our Wellness Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Instructor

Encompassing Neuro-linguistic programming techniques as well as interpersonal skill development and education, this workshop is ideal for any organisation wanting to reduce misunderstandings, conflict and/or issues arising from poor communication. Highly valuable for those in customer facing roles who want to increase sales, build rapport and retention.

improving your  wellbeing

developed by our Wellness Coach

Understand and improve your overall wellbeing by discovering the factors impacting inner fulfilment across the eight unique areas of individual wellness. Identify how knowing your personal values can help create a happier, healthier life while minimising stress and inner conflict.


what is a wellbeing workshop?

A wellbeing workshop, sometimes referred to as a wellness workshop can include information, advice and action steps that aim to improve specific areas of health, wellbeing and performance for individuals, teams and organisations. Workshops can be run virtually or face to face and are generally categorised by topic, some of which may include nutrition, movement, mental health, performance, sleep hygiene, communication and much more (see topics below).  Workshops should be evidence-based and created by qualified health practitioners and coaches. An effective wellbeing workshop will not only provide participants with information and advice, but also facilitate change through activities and action steps. Generally workshops are 1-2 hours in length and aligned with the core objectives an organisation aims to improve. 

Why choose The Wellness Workshop TO facilitate YOUR wellbeing workshop?

All our workshops are created by Allied Health Practitioners and Accredited Coaches in their relevant fields including our Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Organisational Psychologist, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor and Meditation Teacher. Unlike others in the industry, our workshops are highly engaging and interesting - with all presentations designed by our Graphic Designer to ensure an enjoyable on-screen experience. In addition to facilitating the workshop, we also create all promotional materials to encourage participation within your organisation, set up the calendar appointment and manage RSVP's, have a dedicated mail box for answering confidential and personal questions from attendees, and provide beautifully designed PDF summaries that can be shared and used within the company for years to come. The Wellness Workshop takes all the time and effort necessary to organise your wellbeing workshop so you don't have to.

what organisations can benefit from wellbeing workshops? 

Most organisations benefit from evidence based wellbeing workshops. The Wellness Workshop offers a range of topics for a variety of organisations across Australia including:

Small business wellbeing

small business

Corporate wellbeing programs

large companies

Sport Clubs Guest Speaker

sporting clubs

Workplace wellbeing

medium business

Student wellbeing programs

public & private schools

Wellbeing Speaker

community & special interest groups

Frequently asked questions

What's included in a wellness workshop?

Your Wellness Workshop will usually be delivered in person or online by our Founder, Wellness Coach and public speaker Melani. The duration, frequency and quantity of workshops will depend on the depth of your wellbeing strategy and the topics you have chosen to be featured. 

You and your organisation will receive all materials to promote and facilitate your wellbeing workshop including an A3 poster with time, date and workshop summary, calendar appointment set up through MS Outlook, Zoom or MS Teams link, facilitation of the workshop plus either a PDF 2 page summary or booklet featuring key discussion points and information from your chosen workshop topic(s).

HOW MUCH DOES A wellness workshop cost?

Our standard virtual workshops cost $799 ex GST and include all promotional materials, set up of the workshop time and date, calendar appointment, workshop facilitation and 2 page PDF summary designed by our Graphic Designers. 

From there you can select the Premium or Custom workshop options starting at $899 ex GST.

how do i find out more about workshops?

To enquire, or find out more about our wellness workshops and discover how you can get your organisation involved, contact us using the form below. We can come to you and meet face-to-face to work through suitability and topics, otherwise we can discuss your needs over email or phone.


ENQUIRE ABOUT OUR Wellbeing workshops

To find out more about our wellbeing workshops and how we can help you improve your organisation's happiness, wellbeing and performance email us at info@thewellnessworkshop.com.au or click below and fill in the booking form.