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Looking for a fresh, vibrant wellness centre with a range of qualified practitioners to take care of your company, school or community's physical, mental and emotional needs? The Wellness Workshop is a modern-day wellbeing centre offering custom corporate wellbeing programs, workshops and seminars on a range of topics including mental health, stress management, self-care, nutrition, movement, lifestyle balance, goals, team performance, communication and much more. Our Corporate Wellness Programs are second to none and evidence based - meaning you get real, measurable results. We are one of the only Health At Every Size aligned wellness centres in Australia who specialise in providing compassionate, evidence-based care to people of all sizes, ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients and have built a strong network of doctors, allied health practitioners and health experts we regularly communicate with and refer on to. If you're looking to optimise your health and wellbeing, or are looking to collaborate with an organisation who delivers workshops, wellness programs and guest speaker events, look no further than the wellness centre at The Wellness Workshop.

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The Wellness Workshop's qualified health practitioners run a number of workshops throughout the year at a range of businesses, schools, government councils and community centres.  Topics include nutrition, sports performance and physical wellbeing, stress management, team performance, mental health, resilience, communication, productivity and more. We also run seminars at schools that focus on improving body image, social media responsibility and overall wellbeing.

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The Wellness Workshop creates and runs highly engaging personal development and wellness programs for a number of businesses and schools across Melbourne. We can advise on health, nutrition, productivity in the workplace, workplace design and ergonomics, movement, injury prevention (e.g. chronic neck & back issues), team performance, communication techniques, personality profiling, mental health, self-esteem and more.

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Let us empower you with the knowledge, skills and strategies to create the professional and personal life you’ve always wanted. Our Accredited Wellness Coach will show you how using approaches born out of Positive Psychology and Behavioural Change. Wellness Coaching is perfect for those seeking direction, accountability and ongoing success in life.

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Learn how to free yourself from yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and body shame with our Intuitive Eating Program based on the globally recognised 10 step program that has helped millions overcome issues with food and low self-esteem. The Intuitive Eating Program books and workbook are also available for purchase at The Wellness Workshop.

Intuitive Eating


Optimise your (or your child’s) health and wellbeing, as well as manage chronic conditions, disease and/or disorders with a custom plan and coaching from our fully qualified Accredited Practicing Dietitians. We are a Health At Every Size (HAES) and weight inclusive practice who offer a Non-Diet Approach and support health policies that improve complete physical, economic, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

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Meditation and Mindfulness 

Ever wondered how meditation and mindfulness practice could improve not only your mental wellbeing but your entire lifestyle? Our Meditation Teacher Belinda has over 20 years’ experience teaching everyone from absolute beginners, to the advanced practical strategies to improve stress management, mental performance and resilience. Plus, we can come to your workplace, school or community house! 

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eating disorder recovery

Take the first step in overcoming your eating disorder with The Wellness Workshop's qualified team of therapists and coaches. Whether you're struggling with Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Anorexia, Orthorexia, OSFED, or a specific symptom like binge eating, we can put you on the path to recovery with our compassionate, evidence-based approach to care. We also offer programs to assist parents and families living with an E.D sufferer.


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melani de sousa

founder, wellness coach

Melani opened The Wellness Workshop in 2018. She is also an Intuitive Eating Coach and Personal Trainer. In 2019 Melani won Fitness Australia's PT of the Year.


belinda mcintosh

meditation teacher

Belinda is our resident meditation and mindfulness teacher. She is also a trained shiatsu therapist and has a passion for helping clients restore their health & vitality.


branavie ranj.

dietitian & nutritionist

Branavie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Intuitive Eating coach. She also works as a Researcher for the Royal Children's Hospital and co-hosts a podcast.


jorden harding

consulting exercise physiologist

Jorden is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer working full-time with one-on-one clients and groups. He is most interested in working with the elderly and adolescents with long-term health issues.

THE wellness WORKSHOP is one of the only health at every size wellness centre's in australia.

Why choose our wellness centre?

The Wellness Workshop is one of the few, if not the only wellness centre in Australia that advocates for Health At Every Size (HAES). This means that we deliver treatments to optimise health and wellbeing that address behaviours and habits across all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional health, rather than focusing solely on weight outcomes. This enables our wellness centre to provide weight neutral compassionate care that is free of judgement, bias or assumptions while delivering long-term sustainable results that truly improve your lifestyle. We work with a reliable network of doctors and allied health practitioners who provide referral pathways for additional care and provide rebates for Medicare, Private Health Insurance and other subsidy programs like NDIS for eligible services. 


We don't believe in fad diets or short-term solutions that leave you feeling disappointed and defeated. You can feel safe, assured and comforted knowing that your health and happiness is in the hands of trusted, qualified practitioners who care more about your progress than their back pockets.

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The Wellness Workshop is located in Melbourne but offers services across the country both online and face-to-face.

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