Wellness programs

Looking at developing a wellness program or looking for someone to take the hassle out of your corporate, community or school wellness program? The Wellness Workshop creates, facilitates and implements highly engaging personal development and wellness programs for a number of workplaces, community organisations and schools across Melbourne. Our programs are thoroughly researched and designed by our in-house Allied Health Practitioners and Coaches to assist your team in increasing productivity, improving employee satisfaction and decreasing negative outcomes like high turnover and absenteeism. 

school wellness programs

The Wellness Workshop offers a range of wellness programs for both students and teachers focused on a wide variety of topics. These topics can be tailored to suit your school's individual needs and varying grade levels. Current popular programs include self-care, body image, emotional resilience, stress management, meditation and minfulness, managing the pressures of social media, high performance in teams, optimising nutrition, enhancing overall wellbeing, and improving communication and relationship skills. We can also work with your school and wellbeing coordinator to develop a multifaceted school wide wellness program - taking the hassle out of it for you!

workplace wellness programs

Workplace wellness programs are quickly becoming an integral part of improving the health and wellbeing of Australia's workforce. A good workplace wellness program will not only enhance employee satisfaction and increase happiness, but studies are now telling us they can minimise the costs of absenteeism by 25% while decreasing workers compensation by as much as 40%. The Wellness Workshop's Workplace Wellness Programs are developed by a team of qualified practitioners and can be tailored to suit your business's needs. Our programs aim to optimise mental, physical and vocational health, while addressing barriers to productivity in the workplace.

what is a wellness program?

A wellness program, sometimes referred to as a wellbeing program encompasses the strategies and efforts implemented by an organisation such as a school, workplace or community organisation to improve the overall health and wellbeing of its members. Wellness programs generally include advice and resources to increase physical activity, reduce and manage stress, enhance mental health, improve nutrition, prevent disease, aid communication and performance, and reduce risk and/or injury through better design of the direct environment e.g. a workplace. Wellness programs should be evidence-based and measured against a specific set of objectives. Poor design and incorrect implementation of a wellness program can be costly, ineffective and a waste of time. Where-as effective wellness programs, like those created by The Wellness Workshop, can increase productivity and performance, create a positive corporate/member culture and reduce turnover.

what's included in a wellness program?

Depending on the organisation, the objectives and budget, a wellness program can contain a number of different initiatives aimed at improving the overall health and wellbeing of its participants across a short or pro-longed period of time. Some of these initiatives are listed below:



Nutrition basics for better health, more energy and productivity. Also includes nutrition for sport performance and training.


stress management

Effective tools developed by our qualified coaches to manage stress both in the workplace, at school and in the home. Highly recommended.


team building

A series of team building exercises and activities designed to develop trust, rapport and harmony among small or large teams. Ideal for centralised or decentralised orgs.



Movement basics for better health, better posture and injury prevention. Also Exercise Physiology for sports and training.



Focuses on developing and implementing regular self-care practices that improve all areas of wellbeing including sleep, movement, relationships and food.


performance & winning

Learn the psychology behind winning including performance preparation, mindset techniques and managing under pressure.



Instructor guided meditation workshops aimed at reducing anxiety, improving mental clarity and focus.


body image 

Ideal for children and adolescents, as well as adults. Promotes a better relationship with one-self through mood boosting activities.


dealing with emotion

Understand the science behind emotions and develop coping mechanisms and communication strategies to deal with the emotions of yourself and others.



Teaches the simple steps and easy to adopt strategies to improve mindfulness, enhance concentration and increase happiness.


communication skills

Encompasses Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques as well as interpersonal skill development and education.



Learn simple and effective techniques to decluttering and organising your home or workplace to promote wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

our WELLNESS programS ARE evidence-based, measurable and created by qualified proFessionals.

Why choose The Wellness Workshop TO CREATE YOUR WELLNESS PROGRAM?

Our wellness programs are uniquely created by our qualified practitioners based on the needs, objectives and personality of an organisation. Before creating your wellness program, we engage directly with you or a member of your team to understand what factors impact on the wellbeing of members and what improvements the organisation is looking to make. We also get information on the background, culture, barriers to success and future plans of the organisation before providing a number of suitable suggestions that can be tailored to your timing, budget and team. For extended wellness programs we can also provide in-depth reports that measure and provide insight into your team's progress from start to finish.

what organisations can benefit from a wellness program? 

Most organisations benefit from an effective wellness program. The Wellness Workshop offers a range of Wellness Programs for a variety of organisations across Australia including:

small business

large companies

sporting clubs

medium business

public & private schools

community & special interest groups

Frequently asked WELLNESS PROGRAM questions

What's included in a wellness program?

Your Wellness Program will usually be delivered in person by our Founder, Wellness Coach and public speaker Melani. The duration, frequency and quantity of workshops will depend on the depth of your wellness program and the topics you have chosen to be featured. 

You and your organisation will receive all materials required to understand and complete your wellness program, as well as any reports requested to monitor and measure the improvement in staff/member wellness.

HOW MUCH DOES A wellness program cost?

The cost of a wellness program can differ substantially depending on the size of the organisation, the duration of the program and the level of detail requested. Programs are generally presented in-person so can depend on how many workshops are required and topics covered.

The Wellness Workshop's Wellness Programs range from $400+.

how do i find out more about wellness programs?

To enquire, or find out more about our wellness programs and discover how you can get your organisation involved, contact us using the form below. We can come to you and meet face-to-face to work through suitability and topics, otherwise we can discuss your needs over email or phone.

WHO presents our wellness programs?

melani de sousa

Melani is the founder of The Wellness Workshop, a qualified Wellness Coach, Intuitive Eating Coach and Personal Trainer. Melani has a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing & Management, and currently works in the private sector. Melani is passionate about improving the overall health and wellbeing of Australians, and has a special interest in mental health and eating disorders. In 2019, Melani was awarded Fitness Australia's Personal Trainer of the Year.



To find out more about our wellness programs and how we can help you improve your organisation's happiness, wellbeing and performance email us at info@thewellnessworkshop.com.au or click below and fill in the booking form.