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Looking after your employees' wellbeing is not as simple as putting a fruit bowl in the staff kitchen. Under Australian work health and safety legislation employers must take steps to protect workers against risks to their physical and mental health. Further to this, organisations that focus on promoting and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their staff see increased productivity, greater staff engagement, higher retention and more successful recruitment efforts.


At The Wellness Workshop we are experts at developing effective employee wellbeing programs that provide evidence based solutions to issues such as stress management, productivity, communication, work-life balance, self-care and more. We work closely with you and your team to ensure programs are engaging, effective and measurable across all areas of physical, mental, emotional and vocational wellness. In addition to our comprehensive programs, we also deliver face-to-face and online workshops that can be delivered as part of an overall wellbeing strategy or a stand alone session.

employee mental health

Did you know that one in five employees in Australia are likely to be affected by a mental health condition with 21% taking time off in the past 12 months due to stress, anxiety, depression or poor mental health?  Employee mental health has never been higher on our agenda with a Beyond Blue Report indicating that more Australians believe mental health to be of greater importance (91%) than physical safety (88%). Of those that didn't feel their workplaces were mentally healthy, most were unlikely to seek support from HR/management or offer support to a colleague in need.

Mental health conditions are believed to be costing Australian businesses in excess of $11 billion dollars per year through absenteeism, reduced work performance, increased turnover rates and compensation claims. 

employee wellbeing program

Workplace wellbeing programs are quickly becoming an integral part of improving the health and wellbeing of Australia's workforce. A good workplace wellness program will not only enhance employee satisfaction and increase happiness, but studies are now telling us they can minimise the costs of absenteeism by 25% while decreasing workers compensation by as much as 40%. The Wellness Workshop's Workplace Wellbeing Programs provide strategies for developing a positive work environment, balancing work load and responsibilities, effectively communicating with stakeholders, providing reward pathways and recognition, creating a fair and supportive workplace, guiding change, education and understanding of mental health, and developing management and leadership skills to create a culture of health, wellbeing and trust.

what programs improve employee wellbeing?

Workplace wellness programs, commonly referred to as corporate wellness programs or workplace wellbeing programs encompass the strategies and efforts implemented by an organisation to improve the overall health and wellbeing of its members. Wellness programs generally include advice and resources to increase physical activity, reduce and manage stress, enhance mental health, improve nutrition, prevent disease, aid communication and performance, and reduce risk and/or injury through better design of the direct environment e.g. a workplace. Employee wellbeing programs should be evidence-based and measured against a specific set of objectives. Poor design and incorrect implementation of a workplace health and wellbeing program can be costly, ineffective and a waste of time. Where-as effective wellness programs, like those created by our Allied Health Practitioners and Accredited Coaches can increase productivity and performance, create a positive corporate/member culture and reduce staff turnover.

What's included in a workplace wellbeing program?

Depending on the organisation, the objectives and budget, a workplace wellbeing program can contain a number of different initiatives aimed at improving the overall health and wellbeing of its members across a short or pro-longed period of time. Some of these systems and strategies are listed below:

PositiveWorkEnvironment Icon.jpg

safe work environment

Designing a positive and healthy workspace that aids productivity and minimises the risk of injury, stress and chronic pain.

HealthPrograms Icon.jpg

health education programs

Implementing health promotion initiatives that aim to increase employee wellbeing through training and specialty workshops that cover a wide range of topics.

transparent processes icon.jpg

transparent processes

Creating a library of well documented processes within each role, team and department to minimise communication breakdowns, increase productivity and reduce manual errors.

SupportiveCulture Icon.jpg

supportive culture

Developing open communication channels that empower employees to speak up, share ideas, learn from mistakes and reward teamwork.

Flexible working arrangements icon.jpg

flexible working arrangements

Trusting employees to manage workload and complete all assigned tasks while managing the daily responsibilities of their personal and family life.

Change Management Icon.jpg

change management

Monitoring potential risk and employees' propensity to negative outcomes (e.g. stress) that come as a result of short or long-term change. Maintaining open communication during change.

BalancedWorkLoad Icon.jpg

work load

Ensuring workload reflects level of responsibility and reward, while balancing job demands with job control through process formation.

Performance Review Icon.jpg

appropriate performance reviews

Designing and implementing regular performance reviews across all levels of management that directly reflect the scope, responsibility level and demands of each role.

Equal opportunity icon.jpg

equal and fair opportunity

Enabling each and every member the opportunity for growth, promotion and/or increased remuneration regardless of their gender, ethnicity, size, beliefs, lifestyle and/or age.


mental health focused

Fostering a workplace mentality that supports, aids and understands mental health impacts while providing programs to improve it.

Career Pathway Icon.jpg

career pathway development

Providing staff members with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills by providing clear and concise career pathways that are available across the business.

Leadership Icon.jpg

leadership  management

Developing the leadership skills of managers beyond products and processes, including but not limited to emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-awareness and empathy.

"a wellbeing program is only as good as the results it delivers"

Why choose The Wellness Workshop TO CREATE YOUR workplace wellbeing program?

Unlike many other providers, our workplace wellbeing programs are designed by qualified practitioners using evidence based strategies that are delivered in a compelling, highly engaging format. We believe a wellbeing program is only as good as its results, therefore we ensure we fully understand the needs, objectives and dynamic of an organisation before providing advice. We do this by engaging directly with you or a member of your team to understand what factors impact on the wellbeing of members and what improvements the organisation is looking to make. We also get information on the background, culture, barriers to success and future plans of the organisation before providing a number of suitable suggestions that can be tailored to your timing, budget and team. For extended wellness programs we can also provide in-depth reports that measure and provide insight into your team's progress from start to finish. We do this using custom surveys and questionnaires which at the start identify common issues and the impact of those issues, before comparing results during and after the implementation of the wellbeing program and its relevant strategies.

who can benefit from a workplace wellbeing program? 

Most organisations benefit from an effective employee wellbeing program. Strategies should be consistent with any relevant industry standards and guidelines for health and wellbeing. The Wellness Workshop offers a range of Wellness Programs for a variety of organisations across Australia including:

small business

large companies

charities and nfp organisations

medium business

public & private schools

community & special interest groups

what our clients say about our wellbeing programs

Murrindindi council

The workshop (Stress Management Workshop) was really interesting. The presenter Melani was very engaging and made the participants feel comfortable. Overall a really worthwhile session. Thanks


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